If you’re a brave soul whose search history is filled with terms like “Brazilian wax at home” and “cosmetic tattooing near me,” you may have what it takes to sit through the six excruciating beauty treatments described below. Just be warned: these are not for the faint of heart!

1. Injectables

Whether it’s filler in your lips or botox in your brows, injectables can be mighty painful, even in the hands of a skilled professional. Of course, this does depend greatly on your personal pain tolerance. Many people claim lip filler, for example, feels like little more than a pinch here and there. This is probably thanks to the lidocaine that’s usually included in the procedure. However, even lidocaine isn’t enough to counteract some people’s pain. 

2. Eyeliner tattooing

While microblading can be painful for some, it’s got nothing on eyeliner tattoos. First, there’s the pain associated with having such a sensitive area tattooed. Then, there’s the unnerving sensation of seeing and feeling a needle so close to your eyeball. Combine these factors, and you have a truly torturous (but thoroughly rewarding) experience! 

3. Ultherapy

This controversial treatment delivers mixed results, with some people loving it and others feeling like they’ve been left botched. It seems the results depend greatly on the skill of the provider, so as with all beauty treatments, it’s crucial to do plenty of research before you commit to a clinic. 

In terms of pain, ultherapy is up there enough to warrant meds like Valium, nitrous oxide, Xanax, and Percocets from providers. On top of the pain experienced during the procedure, many patients experience ongoing pain and discomfort during recovery. 

4. Extraction facials

Anyone who’s ever struggled with acne knows how painful pimple popping can be. However, extraction facials take it to the next level. They are, of course, far more safe and sanitary than popping pimples at home. However, that doesn’t make them any less painful. In fact, most people report that they experience more pain with professional extraction. 

5. Ablative C02 laser

This laser type completely ablates the epidermis. While it’s a powerful way to promote collagen formation and resurface the skin, it’s an intense treatment. After going through the physical and emotional pain of looking like a smashed tomato for two weeks, patients generally enjoy smoother, tighter, brighter skin. So, many people feel that it’s worth a few weeks of suffering. 

The intensity of the ablative C02 laser has inspired researchers to seek the same results with less pain and a shorter recovery time. Nowadays, most people opt for fractionated C02, halo, and other less hardcore options. 

6. Small face therapy

Here’s a wild one for you! This style of facial is common in places like Japan and Singapore. It involves an aggressive and rather painful facial massage style designed to drain lymph from your face, reduce puffiness, and smooth out the jaw muscles. In addition to creating a more v-line look, small face therapy (also known as Golki therapy in Korea) can help with TMJ, teeth grinding, and tension headaches.

7. Laser tattoo removal

If you thought C02 lasers and tattoos were up there on the pain scale, laser tattoo removal will blow your mind. Even if you diligently apply numbing cream before your appointment, you can look forward to feeling like someone is lashing you with lava. So, never go into a tattoo session thinking, “I can remove it later if I change my mind.”

While we don’t want this list to put you off any beauty treatments, we hope it leaves you a little more prepared for the reality that awaits you.