A king-sized mattress is large, as the name suggests. A king-size bed is 72-78 inches long and 72 inches wide. The height of a king-size bed is typically between 8 and 14 inches.

You can convert the king-size measurements to feet or centimeters, depending on which system you prefer. Also available are super king-size beds. Brands vary in their super-king size beds. The Indian king-size bed is different in size than those of other nations.

How do you choose the best king-size bed for your home

A simple king-size frame will need two to five additional inches to accommodate the mattress. Before adding a king-size bed to your room, consider the following factors.


Before you decide on a bed frame style, you should first measure the room size. A king-sized bed should be placed in an area that is at least 12 feet wide by 12 feet long.

You must measure the space available after placing your mattress and other items, such as side tables, floor lamps, and dressers. You can either choose a bed frame with a headboard and footboard (which will take up more space) or a simple structure without them.

The frame

To provide enough support, some king-sized bed frames are 3 to 5 inches wider than the mattress. Some bed frames are larger or more visually heavy than others. You can choose a frame with a thin metal rail or even a floor joist frame if you don’t have a lot of space. These frames are usually closer to the size of a mattress than other options.


The price of a king-sized bed frame is between Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000. You can choose from elegant bed frames that include headboards, footboards, and shelves or simple metal frames, depending on your budget.

What you need to know about Guest Room Designs

Designs Types of King-sized Bed

When you shop, you will discover a variety of bed frames. When choosing the right bed frame, consider your room’s decor and size.

Frame panels

The panel frames are easy to find and standard. The panel frame is made of a headboard and two side panels. Panel frames are made up of wooden or metal slats that support the mattress and, if needed, the foundation.

Platform supports

Panel and platform frames are similar. Platform frames are made of solid wood, whereas panel frames use slats or solid wood. These frames don’t require a separate foundation to support the mattress. The mattress can be placed directly on the foundation of the structure.

Beds with sleigh

The headboard and footboard of wooden sleigh beds are designed to resemble those on a horse-drawn carriage. These frames are often decorated with decorative curled or rolled woodwork, and their foundations are slated in order to support the mattress. The sleigh-style bed creates a dramatic and captivating focal point for the main bedroom.

Frames for four poster beds

Four-poster beds are bed frames that have four large pillars in each corner. The pillars of a four-poster king bed are about 80 inches high. These beds are often made from wood or metal and have beautiful headboards and footboards.

Design ideas for a king-size bed to enhance your bedroom

You will find some stunning designs when shopping online or in person for a king-sized bed.

King-size bed with upholstery

Brogues, silks, and imitation leather are common materials for upholstered bed frames. These mattresses have padding under the fabric, making them softer and more comfortable. This is ideal for those who like to read in bed or work.

Sonic bed

The integrated audio system allows you to listen to music on your Sonic bed speakers while you sleep. The bed measures three feet in height and resembles a wooden tank. Speakers are built into the wooden walls that surround the mattress, creating the illusion of being in a room. If you enjoy listening to classical music or podcasts while you sleep, this bed is for you.

King bed with four-poster canopy

Posters appear at the corners of a canopy bed, just like on poster beds. The sign is unique because it creates a frame for the bed. The posts of traditional canopy beds are usually made from solid wood. Covered in cloth, this becomes cozy and inviting.

Murphy bed

The marvels of engineering allow for a bed to be folded and then stowed in the wall. Murphy beds can save space and are stylish. It transforms any room into a guest bedroom with the touch of a button. You can also configure it for more storage. The Murphy bed is a great way to sleep well and enjoy comfort.

Ottoman Bed

Gas-lift hydraulics raise the base of an ottoman bed, revealing a ton of storage below. They offer more space for storage than drawer beds because you can use the storage area under the bed fully. The drawers can be opened either from the foot or the side of the bed. If your bedroom is small, they are a good choice.

Divan bed

Divan beds are made from a hardwood frame, which is then covered in fabric and padded with wadding. The base is made to fit the mattress’s dimensions. This makes them more compact and have a minimalist and simple look. Divans are characterized by their large, adaptable, and functional storage drawers.

Rustic King Bed with Reclaimed Wood Frame

Reclaimed wood frames for rustic king beds are popular with those who wish to add warmth and natural beauty to their bedroom decor. The rustic appeal of the bed is enhanced by the unique texture of the wood and its imperfections. It can be paired with earthy and warm bedding to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Add contrasts like a modern bedside lamp or a sleek rug to balance out the rustic look of the bed. By keeping the rest of the space simple, you can highlight the beauty of your mattress without overwhelming it.

King bed minimalist with metal frame

For those who like a sleek and modern look, minimalist king beds are the perfect choice. The elegant metal frames add sophistication and elegance to your bed. It can be paired with neutral bedding to create a luxurious yet simple look. Metal frames can be paired with metallic accents such as wall art or modern lamps. The sleekness of your bed will be highlighted if you choose a minimalist style for the other elements in your room.