The fun part about a project is choosing the paint colours. There are so many options – why not go bold? Classic? Are you on the cutting edge? Or do you prefer to be safe? Here’s how to pick paints that will not fade…

How do you choose the right paint colours for your home?

Should you choose classic or trendy colours when choosing paint colours? Some paint colours might be trendy for a few years, but they will not be popular again. This will make your decor look boring. Before you start looking at paint colours, decide whether you want something timeless that will last for a while or something modern and contemporary that will need to be updated sooner.

Let’s suppose you have decided to make a green bedroom. There are many green colours available. How can you tell which is the most popular and which is more classic? Light sea foam or dark Sage will always be timeless classics. A brighter apple-green is cool but may need to be repainted sooner than expected. You don’t have to hire another painter in a hurry so you can keep your classic look. You can update your furniture with newer colours as needed.

Choose paint colours using sample paint cards

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the paint cards in your local store. Each paint brand will have its own sample cards, with different names and colors. It could feel like all the samples are starting to look identical. Do not harass your friends and family members for their opinions on paint colors. Their opinions may differ from the paint colours, but you’ll be surprised.

Consider if you can base your paint choices on things that you love, even if they don’t have to do with painting but still match the decor of your home. One example would be if you are a fan of the color of your favorite spring flower that is just beginning to bloom. Take a photo of it and use it to help you choose the right shade for your room. This will ensure that your room is truly loved.

Be cautious not to be bold

Interior painting in Auckland are skilled and will tell you that your color should complement the room, not dominate it. If in doubt, choose a subtle shade. You are better to be bold with curtains, pillows and rugs.

If someone enters your room and notices the paint colour, it’s a sign that you have taken away all of the lovely accessories.

Light reflectance value

An honest paint shop will be able inform you about the LRV. A paint’s LRV is a measure of how much natural light bounces off walls. This will make your space appear larger and more spacious.

A final tip on paint color

Once you have found the right paint colour, take a sample pot with you and put it in the room where you intend to use it. You’ll be amazed at how amazing it looks when you finish.