Do you want to tint your car, but you aren’t sure if you’re paying too much?

The cost of window tints can be different. There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration that determine how much it will cost to tint windows by 2023.

Here are eight aspects that impact the price of goods:

  • Car type
  • Window tints by the brand
  • Material and type of window tint
  • Window number
  • Dimension and complexity of windows
  • What kind of business are you tinting your vehicle? An experienced tinting shop or mobile operator, or auto detailing service can charge different rates.
  • The location of your window’s tinter.
  • Are you tackling it yourself by using D.I.Y?

Selecting the right brand and material when you are considering the price isn’t easy. The process of getting your windows tinted by an experienced window tinter is an excellent method to stay clear of worrying about the regulations (and the time spent doing this yourself).

Average Window Tinting Prices By Car Type.

We conducted research on the market and then reached out to people in the community to discover the typical cost of tinting windows based on the kind of vehicle. Professional tinters tell us that you can expect to spend, typically, between $99 and $850 for tinting your car throughout. Let’s look at the cost variations so you know the cost of window tinting for your vehicle model.

Sedans (4 Door Car)

If you opt for a budget tint, like carbon-based tint, You can expect to spend between $50 and $150 per window, or around $ 250 for all seven (2 the front and back sides 2 rear quarter windows as well as the back) windows in your vehicle. We have mono carbon, our cost-effective carbon tint.

For more expensive tints, such as ceramic, you’ll need to pay between $ 100 and $125 per window, or approximately $650* for the entire seven windows in your car. We have phantom S9, phantom S7, and Phantom S5, our top-performing nanocarbon-based Ceramic tint series. For those who prefer an easier tint or want tinted front windows, we provide platinum Air 7090.


You can expect to pay more if you have a the rear of your vehicle is steep or has curving windows. These kinds of windows are more difficult to tint and will result in higher the expense of labor. The cost of tinting a car with two doors (with five windows) is estimated to be between $120 and $450.


It is possible to spend about $ 350 for pickup trucks that tint the windows of your vehicle. The size of the truck is important due to the extra time and work required. The price will go up the moment you choose to tint your slider windows.


S.U.V.s come with more windows and are larger, which can influence the cost. Therefore the S.U.V.s will be charged between $250-$750 for tinting your windows.

Prices vary based on the type of film as well as the location and even the shop. Contact your local dealer to obtain the exact prices for your vehicle.

Tesla Window Tinting Cost

The price for tinting your Tesla will vary based on the model and amount of windows you wish to tint. Tesla customers across the nation spoke of various costs. In general, Tesla tint costs to be between $250 and $935 on the average for all-round tint.

To safeguard you or yourself and your Tesla automobile (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model X, or Model Y) from dangerous U.V. radiation, protection that is 360 degrees is required. If you’re looking to save dollars, then you can opt out of tinting your roof.

Cost For A Tint Job By Type of Film

The cost can be quite different between a high-quality ceramic window tint and the more economical dyed option. Because of the materials and technologies employed in the production of a film, the cost will differ. This article will take a deeper look at the three major kinds of automotive window films and the distinctive advantages each offer.

Ceramic Window Tint Cost

The ceramic window film can be described as among the highest quality film that you can buy because it does not contain any dye or metal. Instead, it contains ceramic components that are non-conductive and not metallic. This means that this film does not block the cellphone signals or G.P.S. systems as well as radios that are required to function. However, the window tint made of ceramic can be the most costly because of the sophisticated technology used to make this film. It is possible to spend between $350 and $850 for a tint made of ceramic.

A brand new type of paper that has developed is a combination of carbon and ceramic. Phantom includes nano carbon-ceramic particles that help to maintain the color of the tint, improve its durability, heat rejection, and increase visibility.

Dyed Window Tint Cost

Dye-treated windows are among the cheapest tint that you can buy for your car’s windows. A dye is utilized to create the tint. It is applied to a layer adjacent to the adhesive. It is then sprayed onto the windows of your car. The sun’s U.V. rays accelerate the process of causing the tint’s color to fade. As time passes, your tint may appear to be brown, purple, or completely transparent.

The cost of dyed window tint is low to buy since there isn’t any new technology utilized to enhance its performance. Kind of tint additionally, due to its ineffective functioning and brittleness and the common problems with bubbling dyed window tints, have been replaced much more often than ceramic window tint. Expect to pay between $99 and $350 for dyed tints.

Carbon Window Tint Cost

Carbon tint is made up of carbon particles that can block out infrared light extremely effectively. Carbon helps to keep the interior cooler. The film doesn’t fade like dyed films. The carbon film isn’t made of metal, so the problem with radios and cell phone transmission isn’t a problem when using. However, it could cause haze and glare, which makes it hard to discern what’s going on in front of your car. Carbon window tints are more expensive than dyed films. Expect to pay between $150-$450 for ceramic tint.

Recently developed a new kind of carbon window tint, which is composed of nano-sized carbon particles. Mono Carbon is an authentic carbon-based 2-ply film that features a highly dense coating. The film helps make the exterior look more clear and free of haze in comparison to similar carbon-based films. It is also the most beautiful, as it is a gorgeous black shade. Additionally, this film is less expensive in comparison to the Phantom films in the series.

Other Window Tinting Cost Factors

The cost you pay for professional tinting of your windows can be affected by a variety of other variables. There are other factors that are important when calculating the cost.

Number and Complexity of Windows

The price will be based on the number of windows, the size, and the kind of windows you wish to tint. Certain windows are more difficult to tint compared with others. Even the most skilled tinters might require more time to complete the job. Certain cars with complicated windows include such as the V.W. Beetle, Corvette Z06, along with the Audi A8.


Another factor to consider can be the guarantee. Certain films, such as Phantom, have a lifetime warranty, while others are covered by a shorter time frame.

Location and Laws

The cost of tinting can be dramatically dependent on the state and city where you obtain the tint. Areas with high demand for tints may cost more. There is a greater competition, however, you could get the best price. We suggest getting a quote from at least three locations so that you can evaluate pricing and options. In addition, some states have strict guidelines on the amount of V.L.T. you can put on your windows. This can limit your tint options. Check out our article, which explains to how to comply with the tint laws in each state to ensure you are legally compliant with the local laws. Also, you can read the specific tint laws for the states of California, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Maryland.

Are You Able To Save Money By Making This Yourself (DIY)?

A tint installation kit for installing your own window tints yourself could be more cost-effective However, there are a few points to be considered.

Applying tinting a D.I.Y. window tint requires special tools and knowledge. Even if you’ve prior experience with detailing automobiles, it’s not a guarantee you’ll be successful in applying tint. When using D.I.Y. tinting kits, you need to ensure that the modifications you make to your car falls within the limits of your state’s laws. In addition, there’s a higher likelihood of the tint bubbling, which can cause you to restart the entire process of tinting.

It is easy to skip the legal issues as well as the stress of using your tint and the additional expense of having to buy a tinting kit by heading to a nearby tinting shop.