Maintenance And Servicing Of Your Gas Heater.

Gas heaters are often ignored, just like other appliances, until they stop working properly or a problem occurs. If they are not maintained, they may become unreliable and even unsafe.

Gas heaters should be serviced every two years at the very least. If it’s older than 10 years, you should service it every year. We will discuss the cost of gas heater maintenance in this article so you can know what it will cost to maintain yours.

Benefits Of Gas Heaters.

Gas heaters can be useful for the following reasons:

* It’s cheaper than electric heating. In the long term, a gas system and installation are probably more cost-effective than an electric one.

* It’s also more efficient. It heats up the room faster and warmer than electric heaters.

* Gas heaters are usually reliable. Consider how well the heater continues to work despite power outages.

* Gas ducted heating is more environmentally friendly. It is more efficient than coal, wood, or oil. It doesn’t matter what brand of gas you use.

* With gas-ducted heating, cold air is drawn into the home, heated by a gas heater, and then pumped throughout.

Issues Arising From Not Servicing Heaters Frequently.

Build-up of dust and lint

Lint and dust may block air filters and fans. This can lead to overheating or burner problems.


It can become degraded over time and cease to work. This poses a serious risk to your safety and that of others.


To maintain maximum operational efficiency and safety, connections, and hoses should be tested and examined for leaks.

Benefits Of Gas Heater Maintenance.

Here are some benefits of having your gas heater maintained:

Prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide, an odourless and colourless gas, can be deadly. Exposure may cause vomiting, headaches, wooziness, and even death. Routinely maintaining a gas heater can prevent carbon monoxide. This ensures the safety of your family. Gas leaks can be quickly detected and fixed by a qualified gas fitting company.

Reduces energy costs.

When the technician replaces clogged filters and lubricates moving components, energy efficiency generally increases. The heater heats your home more slowly. Electricity costs are reduced.

Consider the cost of replacing an entire furnace due to a burner that is not working properly. This could occur if the controls are burnt. It will cost the same to replace the controllers and bring the system back up to full functionality.

Your gas stove is more durable.

Regular maintenance will ensure that a heater is safe for longer. Regular maintenance can help remove dirt, and a gas fitter licensed to work with natural gases can replace worn-out components before they become a danger. Check the furnace and clean it. If it requires any repairs, do so. You can reduce the factors that affect your ‘s gas heater’s life.

Your warranty is still valid.

Use your warranty on expensive items. A professional should inspect your furnace every year if you adhere to the terms of your warranty. If this is not done, the warranty will be voided.

Reduce the risk of gas explosions and health hazards.

By promptly maintaining your gas heater, you can reduce fire risks.

Signs A Gas Heater Needs Maintenance/Repairs.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be worth having your gas heater serviced.

An increasing utility bill.

If the gas cost on your account is increasing, it could be an indication that your heating system has degraded.

A yellow flame.

Carbon monoxide can cause a yellow or flickering fire in a natural heating system. The burner may not be working correctly.

Smog, water, or rust.

Soot around the furnace or supply register is another possible indicator. It might be a good idea to install carbon monoxide alarms in your house.

If you see lots of rust in the flue pipe, you may want to consider service for your heater. Water dripping down the chimney, flue, or vent pipe can also indicate a problem.

Odd popping or rattling sounds coming from the furnace.

Some of these sounds are bangs. Others include squeals. The furnace blower may be operating excessively or in an erratic manner. The blower can be erratic or have a tendency to repeatedly switch on and off. This could be an indication that you need to replace your furnace. It could be that the pilot light is operating in an irregular manner. It could be that the pilot light is booming or popping when lit. You may even find that it suddenly stops working.

Overheating of panels and walls.

Heat damage can cause discoloration of the walls or heater panels. You find that the wall is too hot to touch when the heater is turned on.

How Often Should A Gas Heater Be Inspected?

You should get your gas heater checked if, in addition to the warnings listed above and the repair costs are 50% of the cost of replacement. Installation costs for a new gas-powered hot water system would be acceptable.

If the heating system is older than 20 years, the benchmark should be reduced to 15%. Hot Water System can also become less efficient as the heating system gets older. The following brands are affected:

  • Rheem Water Heater
  • Thermann Hot Water System
  • Dux method of hot water
  • Rinnai Hot Water System

Heating systems older than 20 years old should be inspected.

How Often Should A Gas Heater Be Serviced?

Experts recommend that a heater be serviced at least once per year. Only qualified gasfitters should be able to perform this task.

A gas heater operating correctly will have burners that light up properly. It will also correctly exhaust the flue gas outside. Below are the main steps for servicing a gas heater repairs in Melbourne.

  • The gas heater technician will schedule a service appointment.
  • The gas heater will be examined in its entirety. It may be necessary to move the portable gas heater to their van. Other parts can be inspected in their usual locations.
  • The heater must be disassembled. The filter and electrical harness are cleaned. Various components, such as the solenoid, water, gas, pilot, and fan injectors, are also examined.
  • They should clean the thermal fuse and burner chambers and monitor the pressure of the gas. They also clean up the dust in the area and perform a safety check.
  • Professionals will check the integrity of the gas hose and test the connections. As an added benefit, they will also inspect for gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

Other Issues That Show Your Heater Needs Servicing.

You may need a service if you experience any of these problems:

  • A professional last serviced your device a few years ago.
  • The controller may display an error code or spanner symbol.
  • The heater doesn’t heat up as fast as it used to.
  • The gadget does not expel any air after it is switched on.
  • The system blows out cold air.
  • The fan takes some time to start.
  • When the system is on or running, you can hear loud noises.
  • Check for accumulations of dirt or dust in the system

There are many different types of heating systems. Split systems, wall-mounted heaters, log systems, and ducted systems, to name a few. The most common types of heaters are electric or gas.

Hire A Professional To Service Your Heater.

It is important to maintain your heater, as it will affect its efficiency and longevity. You can save money over time by making your heater more efficient. For a number of reasons, regular appliance maintenance will lower your cost. As part of the service, the unit is cleaned to make it more efficient and use less energy and gas.

Professional services can also diagnose heater problems and identify which parts are in need of repair. Sometimes, heater parts that cause problems are ignored and can lead to more damage. This will cost you more money to repair.