We’re so often asked, “What is the key to healthy aging?” And most often than not, our replies seem to narrow it down to one main factor – how we adapt and grow with the transitions while aging. We are all aware that as we grow older, we go through many changes in our life, some of which are significant changes like career transitions and retirement, being an empty nester, losing loved ones, physical and health challenges and to a certain extent, even the loss of independence such as no longer being able to drive. Having said that, coping with changes is challenging for anyone, regardless of their age, and it’s natural to feel the losses you experience. 

Those who have adjusted and who are now on the other side of these transitions, reassure us that it is not the end of the world, and if you put an optimistic spin on it by counteracting your sense of loss with positive factors, you can stay healthy and continue to grow and learn and enjoy life as you grow older. 

Apart from the above, learning to adapt to healthy aging means finding new activities and hobbies, staying physically active, and feeling connected to your community. Unfortunately, many of us are subject to hearing various myths related to aging, and it’s natural to feel concerns and worries, such as how will you manage later in life? What if you have to live alone? Will you be able to recollect and remember things? 

In this post, we discuss and more importantly, bust a few myths for you regarding aging so you can feel a little more looking forward to stress-free and enjoyable golden years ahead.

Myth 1: You will lose your memory as you grow older.

Fact: Let’s face it, we have all noticed incidences of forgetting our keys and phones increasing as we age. However, significant loss of memory is not a hallmark of aging. Research has repeatedly shown that learning new skills, and languages, and sharpening your brain playing puzzles and games help keep your memory sharp. In fact, researchers say that the earlier you start, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits. 

Myth 2: You will lose your independence and freedom if you move to an independent living facility or retirement community.

Fact: This myth couldn’t be any further than the truth. Living in a retirement community is about maintaining your independence for longer by making life easier. At senior apartments independent living on the North Shore, Sydney you’ll enjoy the privacy of your home surrounded by the things you love and also be able to spend your days as you choose, without the stress of maintenance and upkeep.

Myth 3: Getting older means a decline in physical and mental health.

Fact: It is true that there are certain health conditions that are more prevalent amongst the older population, but that in no way indicates it is the same for everyone who grows older. Some seniors put the younger ones to shame! And getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you will be confined to a wheelchair or obliged to take a bunch of medications. Most adults nowadays are aware of the benefits of an active physical life and start maintaining a healthy lifestyle early on. Preventive measures like managing stress, exercising, eating healthily and keeping yourself mentally agile, translate to a happy and healthy older adult. It is also now evident that being grateful adds to the quality of life. When are able to look around and see the things that are great and going well and take enjoyment from what life still has to offer,  life becomes more meaningful, and positive, too.

Myth 4: New environments and changes can be extremely stressful as you age.

Fact: This is by far one of the most detrimental myths that aging people are led to believe. Contributing constructively, or thriving in a new environment is not a whole lot differnt for older or younger people. We are all nervous  when beginning new things, and often need that push of confidence to give it a go. Aging people have the added advantage of wisdom and experience on their side, which makes it easier for them to gauge situations and adapt accordingly. 

Winding Up 

Aging well and healthily is a blessing and the ability to continuously find joy and meaning in life will make the more difficult parts worthwhile. It is inevitable that life changes and shifts but having a goal to work towards and making the most of your current situation is the key to those happy golden years.