Imagine this; you’re all set to renovate your house and need to plaster the wall as part of the project. Now, you can always get a professional to do this for you or you can save some extra cash by doing it yourself. If you are going for option 2, you need to get the right tools for the job. This article can help you with it by listing out 5 most important tools of the trade. 

Water Brush

Water brushes are necessary when you are all set to do interior plastering in Auckland. It helps you give the perfect finish to the plastered wall and splash water onto it when needed. Now you can use a normal brush for this, but it is always better to go for a high-quality one to avoid leaving bristles on the wall. 

Plastering Trowel

A plastering trowel is yet another important tool when you are about to plaster a wall. It helps you apply base coats and are rectangular in shape. You need this tool to be high-quality to get really good results. Ideally, your trowel should be made of stainless steel, so that it lasts longer and gives you a better finish.

Hawk Board

Hawk board is a tool that you can’t do plastering without. With this board, you will need to scoop the plaster and throw it directly at the wall. Hawk board allows you to keep the plaster in one hand, giving you the space to skim the wall with the other hand. When starting out, it is always better to get a lighter and cheaper board (foam or plastic) to build endurance in the muscles. 


Earlier, mixing plaster was one of the most time-consuming and tough jobs to do. With technological advancements, however, this has changed. We have plaster mixers to do the job much more efficiently. This machine is handy because it can make a smooth mix quickly.  

Bucket Trowel

A bucket trowel helps you scoop out the plaster mix from the bucket onto the hawk or hand board. These can also be used to clean the buckets after your plastering work is done. This is where you can save money when getting plastering supplies, as even the cheaper ones work since quality doesn’t play a role in a trowel’s function. 


Plastering is a strenuous and challenging job. Therefore, when starting out as a professional or a DIY-er, you need all the right tools to make your task a little easier. This is where knowing the necessary tools and how they are used comes in. Before you buy any of the five tools mentioned above, make sure to consult an expert and know more about them.