Your chest freezer may be the best thing or the worst thing you own.

The freezers are great for saving space, especially if your refrigerator’s freezer is small. They also help you to get more out of your food by freezing it.

If your chest freezer’s contents are not organized, it is difficult to find anything within the pile of ice-cold bags and containers.

Why is it important to organize a chest freezer

Chest freezers can be great for storing foods, but they can also become very messy. When you remove something from the chest freezer, it causes other items to move around. This can lead to things getting lost.

It’s not uncommon to find frozen ground beef ra, random vegetables stuffed into dark corners, or frozen food in bags you’ve never seen before. It’s not just me, but I hope it’s not.

There are many ways to organize your frozen food and avoid the frustration of having to search through a cluttered chest freezer.

This guide provides some great tips on how to organize and restore a chest freezer to working order.

How to organize a chest freezer

We’ve all done it – thrown food in the chest freezer as soon as you get home after shopping.

Chest freezer organization will help you save a lot of time while cooking. You can quickly find what you need when you organize your deep freeze and know where everything is.

It can be not very safe to organize a chest freezer, but you don’t need to!

You can get a great chest freezer by following these tips.

Throw out anything that has gone bad

When organizing your chest freezer, the first thing you should do is go through everything and throw out any food that’s gone bad.

Before you sort your frozen food, check the expiration dates to make sure you get rid of any expired items.

You might be surprised by how much food is actually bad and must be thrown out.

If they are no longer useful, you can recycle or throw away any bags, boxes, or containers. You may still be able to repurpose some boxes.

You should throw out any food that has been frozen for a long time or is spoiled.

Frozen food is good for a long time, but it won’t last forever. Please keep track of the date on your frozen food so that you don’t eat anything past its expiration date.

Use all the old stuff before it expires by keeping track in your chest freezer!

Foods can be classified into different categories

After you have thrown away any food that is past its expiration date, it’s now time to sort your foods.

Sort your frozen food into different categories and groups. I love this amazing photo from Savory seasonings:

Some groups or categories may be small, while others are large. You’ll need to keep a mental record of the food types you have because it will help you organize later.

You can also reduce the amount of food you buy by dividing it into smaller portions. This will prevent food from going to waste.

Shop Storage Bags

Some good categories to use when organizing a chest freezer are





baked goods

Dairy products


You can also use frozen pizza or frozen meals that you can heat in the oven or microwave.

These big categories can be sub-categorized. It’s actually something I would recommend.

This will help you organize and sort your chest freezer, making it easier to find certain items later.

This step is important even if you only have an upright or chest freezer. The organization of your freezer will make cooking faster and easier.


Chest freezers can be organized with freezer bins. You can store them on shelves within the chest freezer and not take up much space.

It’s also easy to pull them out and see what is underneath each bin. This is particularly helpful when you are looking for a specific type of food. You’ll need some containers if you want to have an organized freezer.

Here are some examples of different storage bins that you can use. Find containers that are effective and can be used for the entire freezer.

You can combine the options below, but I prefer things to be uniform. Finding sets of containers in different sizes can be a good option. Your containers should also be able to stack.


Dollar store bins can be used to organize your freezer.

Dollar stores have a variety of plastic tubs and dividers that can help you maximize the space in your chest freezer without spending a fortune.

Recycled Containers

Repurposed items can be used as storage bins. You can reuse old cans, oatmeal tins, or baby formula tins.

You can organize your chest freezer on a budget by using items that have been repurposed instead of purchasing more plastic tubs.

People even store frozen vegetables in old milk cartons. Magazine holders are another place I’ve seen people keep things.

Find out what you can reuse!


Use a wire basket to organize your chest freezer easily. The wire baskets can be stacked on top of one another and are easy to manage.

You can also see inside them because they’re made of wire and are not completely solid.


You can repurpose cardboard boxes to create storage containers that are the perfect size for your chest freezer.

Just make sure they’re sturdy enough not to collapse or fall apart when they’re stacked.

Different types of bags

Use bags to separate the other categories in your chest freezer.

Use old cloth or canvas bags as well as old grocery bags.

It can be difficult to organize food into bags, particularly if you need a more precise organization for your chest freezer.

Label the outside of every bag if you are using this method to organize a chest freezer so everyone knows what is inside.

You can combine any of these to organize your chest freezers. You can, for example, buy deep freezer bins. Then, you can use large plastic storage containers with labels to collect food in those bins.

You could use a large container and then place bags inside to create sub-categories. You can organize your chest freezer by storing your food in Ziploc bags or similar silicone bags.