Ceiling fans are always a must as it provides cooling in summer. Not that alone, it is one of the best ways to reduce energy bills efficiently without disrupting your comfort. Installing a ceiling fan is quite easier than you might have thought if you follow the right procedure. Many individuals tend to make common mistakes while installing. You need not be an expert to install a fan.

However, to work with electric appliances, there are certain safety measures to be followed.

  1. Before beginning installation, make sure the power is turned off. 
  2. Clean the installation site for no obstructions in the middle.
  3. It is advisable to use a certified outlet box for your fan.
  4. To confirm additional caution, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and wear rubber gloves.

Tools required: Ladder, Pliers. Wire Strippers, and Screwdriver.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan installation is not much difficult but based on the type of the fan it may take time.

1) Mount bracket installation

  • The outlet box is there to mount brackets with washers and nuts.
  • Beneath the opening on the bracket, to provide the electrical wires, shipping blocks from the motor must also be removed, for the installation. 

2) Motor house assembly

  • Motor coupling set screws should be removed very carefully.
  • Downrod must be tightened using some thread wires for 4-5 full turns.
  • Tight the screw firmly with pliers.
  • Take the canopy to pull the wires and downrod as necessary.
  • If done properly, a canopy will be suspended loosely on top of the motor housing.

Wiring your ceiling fan: –

  • Into the slot in the ceiling bracket, gently place the downrod ball of the motor.
  • It must be ensured that the fan is intact, so rotate when you are really sure about the lock.
  • Take a bare metal lead and put a plastic wire connector to connect the wires and then twist clockwise to ensure secure connection.
  • Push the whole connection towards the outlet box.
  • Grounded and ungrounded wires need to be separated on both sides.
  • Connect the grounding wires from the downrod, and hanging bracket with a wire nut.
  • Connect gently white wires from the fan and receiver marked as “To motor” with a wire nut.
  • Similarly, keep on doing the same for black wires and blue wires respectively.

Connection of wire receiver or supply line

  • Connect black wires hanging from ceiling and receiver marked “AC In” with a wire nut.
  • Again, repeat the same for white wires.
  • Connections must be turned up lightly and pushed into the outlet box.

Connection of wires to the wall control box

  • Removal of all wires from the switch is needed.
  • Black wires in the outlet box should be connected and on the other hand green wires must be connected to the grounding wires from the wall control.
  • Push all wire connections safely to the outlet box and try to separate grounded and black wires to different sides.
  • Insert a wall control to the outlet box and screw it nicely.
  • Finally, the switchplate cover must be installed with screws.

Installation Of Canopy 

  • Canopy holes must be adjusted thoroughly with screw holes by sliding into a mounting bracket.
  • Screw the canopy tightly and make sure it doesn’t fall off.

And there you go, you have a working fan.