Water, an almost inexhaustible resource, is a key part of our daily lives. However, the infrastructure required to keep our homes and businesses afloat is often far from our reach and out of our minds. Wake up, get dressed, shower, make coffee, and wash your clothes. Have you ever thought about the source of your water or your wastewater?

October 21 will be the Value of Water Campaign’s annual Imagine a Day Without Water. This event offers opportunities for people all over the United States to learn about the water system and the hard work involved in ensuring that a day without water is not a reality.

Most water systems in the United States are older than 100 years. Over two million Americans are still without access to safe and reliable water services and wastewater service in winchester. This is due to ageing infrastructure, increased weather events and lack of investment.

Frederick Water’s water system is relatively new. We are only 54 years old, and most of our infrastructure is under 25 years. Maintaining it in a reliable and efficient manner is essential, but great planning and care are needed. We recognize that the infrastructure we have today is insufficient to meet tomorrow’s water needs. Our community’s daily water needs will likely double by 2035. Recent events such as the Shenandoah River harmful algal bloom have highlighted the influence of neighbouring water systems on one another.

Frederick Water is working to ensure that the future infrastructure is reliable. We must now invest in new water resources and infrastructure to avoid future problems. Phase 1 of the Opequon Water Supply Plan consists of new water sources, large water storage facilities, water treatment plants, and distribution systems. It is expected to be operational by April 2022. As a means to increase reliability and economic growth in the region, service opportunities are being explored within Clarke and Warren Counties.

Water is vital to our communities. It will provide you with a glass of fresh water every morning, help firefighters fight wildfires and allow hospitals to remain safe and clean. Over the next few decades, the United States will be able to create hundreds of thousands of jobs if it closes its water infrastructure investment gap.

Imagine a day without water in the year 2019. Think about how important water is to your daily routine. Take one of these actions: -Visit Stephens City’s Daily Buzz Cafe on October 21 to take part in the No Water, No Coffee promotion

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Reach out to your local, state, or national politicians to inform them that infrastructure funding is a top priority.

We all know how vital water is. We must continue to communicate our appreciation for water and ensure that systems that provide this precious resource are reliable for future generations.