DChoosing the best summer shoes for men is more difficult than you think.

The best shoes for men are those that have similar qualities to what we would like to have:

These are not only beautiful, but also rugged, resilient, and versatile.

Summer is a season that is meant to be easy.

The casual boot that you normally wear with jeans might look amazing in the fall.

It doesn’t go with the chino chinos that you wear in hot weather, or the lighter fabrics and brighter colors.

It’s not all lost for us men who want to appear relaxed and masculine during warmer weather.

There are a lot of different styles available, even if you only focus on shoes that look good in warm weather. Each of these can make you appear stylish, dapper and sharp.

I have compiled more than two dozen mens shoes in different colors and styles, and classified them according to the type and occasion for which they are best worn.

The best-looking loafers

There’s no particular reason for summer to be more conducive to slip-on shoes.

It would seem that the ease of slipping your shoes on without laces and the ability to do so quickly would be appealing at any time of year.

For whatever reason, loafers and slip-ons have always evoked a summery vibe.

It could be that summer is a time of simplicity, or we simply want to remove our shoes as quickly as possible and slip into the warm water or sand.

The summer season is the best time to wear casual footwear, such as a classic penny-loafer (which might just be the perfect summer shoe).

The options below are all classic styles that you can wear on warm days to keep your look simple.

(But don’t worry, while these may be classic, they’re more classic-meets-modern; penny loafers make the cut, but I draw the line at tassel loafers.)

A collection dapper deck shoes

The freedom to wear sockless in the summer months is a real treat for a Canadian.

It’s so much more appealing to slide your foot into your shoe without socks.

There’s something liberating about taking them off and walking barefoot in the house, on the sand or water, or wherever you are.

Deck shoes (also known as boat shoe) are one of the best summer footwear.

They’re also a great option for removing socks, as they were designed for barefoot wear.

As someone who isn’t on a deck, boat or other similar environment very often I like to wear shoes without socks.

I have been known to wear sockless New Balance and Chuck Taylor shoes.

Check out our roundup of the Best Shoes to Wear Without Socks for (a lot more) options.

The Summer Style Tip to Reduce the Odor

No-show socks are a great option if you want to wear sockless shoes but can’t bear the idea of slipping your feet into your shoes barefoot.

You can achieve the same style while protecting your favorite summer shoes from sweat.

Summer is the best time to ditch those slippers

You probably didn’t even know this about me: My feet are always freezing cold.

If I don’t have socks or slippers, even on 90 degree days when I feel comfortable wearing shorts, I will still be cold.

Most slippers were designed to be worn in cooler temperatures, and are therefore a bit too warm.

My feet feel like they are in an arctic environment, but within minutes they can be in a sauna.

(Like I said, you probably didn’t want to know this but I promise I’m getting the point across.)

You can find them in the house shoe section.

By switching to lightweight, comfortable shoes that I can wear inside instead of thinly insulated slippers, my feet stay warm without getting too hot.

Do you think summer is all about sneakers? Think again.

In my roundup of the most stylish shoes for men I mentioned that the more sleek a shoe looks, the more dressy it is.

This definition states that “dress” shoes have a more pointed toe, a thin sole/welt, and neutral eyelets and laces.

Summer is the best time to wear shoes that meet that description.

They also come in darker tones, but it is not necessary. A lighter shade, such as tan, can look fantastic during the summer.

You can wear your favorite sneakers without worrying about them getting damaged. The streets are free of debris, sleet, and snow, which cover them from autumn to spring.

You can elevate any casual outfit by adding a pair of sleek dress shoes to your shorts or skinny jeans.

Keep your Jordan 1s vintage on the court

It’s important that you choose shoes that match the rest of your outfit when pairing them with shorts.

If you are wearing casual clothing like a white t-shirt and shorts, then a white sneaker will give your look a polished casual feel.

If you are wearing a button-down shirt and a pair crisp khakis shorts, then a brown leather shoe can elevate the look. A driving shoe or boat shoes could make it more relaxed.

No matter which shoe you choose, make sure it sits beneath the ankle.

Boots and athletic shoes with a lot of support for the ankles are out.

If you are doing an athletic activity then you should choose the shoe that will help you perform at your best.

You can make the most out of your summer look by choosing from the options below.