Did you know that professional home inspections are not always a requirement? There were no professional home inspectors when I started selling real property. Also, there weren’t mandatory Seller disclosures. All was “Caveat Emptor”. Let the Buyer beware.

Seller Disclosures

Over the years, standards for practice have improved dramatically. You can be sure you understand what you purchase as a buyer by following certain practices. One is that the Seller will provide a written disclosure. Hawaii law requires sellers to disclose “material facts” about the property they sell. A “material fact” is any past, present or future fact, defect or condition that could be expected to affect the property’s value to a reasonable person.

Seller disclosures are extremely important. These disclosures serve as a starting point. They are only a starting point for your diligence. You probably already know the importance of a professional inspection of your home. Professional home inspections are a good idea. Did you know there were other inspections that can be done?

Additional Inspections

Here are some additional inspections that I recommend to buyers of homes:

  1. Pool Inspection: Get your pool inspected by an independent inspector. It is important to ensure that the equipment works properly. You should make sure that the heater, filter, pump and filter are all working properly. The inspector will also need to inspect the pool decking, plaster, and tile. Pools can be a big purchase and issues with them can ruin a deal. Your wallet.
  2. Central AC: Split A/Cs A professional A/C inspector will inspect your unit if it is. Are the motor, blower and coils still in good condition? What about the drain lines and supply lines? It is also important to inspect the ductwork. It is a mistake to purchase a house without checking if your A/C systems need major repairs or replacement.
  3. Solar Systems and PV: You will need to inspect your PV/Solar panels. You should inspect all components, including mounting systems, flashings on roofs, wiring, and connections. PV and Solar Systems can add value to your home and you want that value. A qualified professional will give you a thorough assessment of your home’s systems.
  4. Pipes: Leakages and damage to your pipes and sewer lines could spell trouble. A professional plumber can inspect your pipes for damage, leaks, root intrusions, cracks and blockages. When purchasing an older house, pipe inspections are especially important.

Over the years, home inspections have evolved to be multifaceted. While a professional Home Inspector in Honolulu HI is worth their weight in gold, you might need multiple inspections, such as electrical, plumbing, roofing, and so on. It is important that you hire the right professional to inspect your home’s systems and components. You want to be able to rely on experts and work with them as much as you can. You can start with a professional inspector for your home, but you shouldn’t stop there.

A home purchase is a significant investment, especially with today’s high price. It’s worth investing your time and money in hiring the right professionals to protect your home. You’ll be able to avoid any surprises and will sleep better at night.