You will want your bond returned when you move out of your rental home. You may need to use this bond in order to rent your next rental property. It could be worth thousands of dollars. Your place must be cleaned from top to bottom. You need to pay attention to certain areas in order to make your landlord or agent happy. This article includes 8 cleaning tips for moving out of a rental property. These tips will increase your chances of receiving your bond.

Renting a property? Here are some cleaning tips to help you move out.

Speak to your landlord or agent

You should first speak to your agent or landlord. Find out what they want and expect. What will make them happy? What will make them mad? If you have spoken with your landlord, it’s much easier to ensure that you cover everything they want when move out cleaning service in London. It’s not worth doing more than necessary to ensure you get your bond. You can focus your cleaning efforts by talking to your landlord.

Cleaning Kitchen Countertops – Sinks, Cabinets, Appliances

It is important to clean the benches and kitchen appliances. You may have been lax during your stay, but you need to make sure that everything looks as good as it did when you moved in. You should also clean the oven and the stove.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Bathrooms can accumulate grime, soap residue, mineral deposits, and mould over time. It must be removed if it was not there when you first moved in. Clean the shower and bath. Clean the taps and sink. Mirrors should be cleaned. Clean the toilet bowl. Clean the bathroom thoroughly.

Cleaning the Floors

All floors must be cleaned. Steam cleaning your carpets may be necessary. Scrub any tiles, and clean the floorboards. Do your best to get rid of any stains.

Cleaning and Repairing the Walls

It is very important. Make sure the walls are free of holes and damage, as well as clean. You can touch up the walls with a small paintbrush if you want to. You will not get your deposit back if there is anything visible on the wall. You don’t have to be overly pedantic because the law allows for “general wear” and tear. However, it will still depend on both your agent and landlord.

Cleaning the Windows

You can see dirty windows a mile off. This is especially true if you are an agent conducting an inspection. Don’t forget to check these. It’s usually only necessary to clean the interior, which includes the window tracks. However, it is best to consult your agent before cleaning.

Clean the Fixtures

All light fixtures should be cleaned and dusted. The light fixtures will brighten the room and make it look cleaner. You will be expected to clean the rooms by your landlord.

After you finish, take pictures.

Take pictures as soon as you finish. Take lots of photos. Take pictures of the floors, walls and benchtops. Take lots of pictures throughout your home in case you have any problems later.

You should have taken photos when you moved the item. Click the link to read our more detailed article on How to Get Your Bond Back In London.

If this sounds like too much work, here is an extra tip – hire someone to clean for you. It’s worth investing if you don’t want to spend the time cleaning properly or if you think a professional cleaner will do a better job and help you to get your money. The cost will be much less than the bond.

The three most important factors to consider when choosing a professional cleaning service are the reviews, experience and expertise. We have a lot of experience and great ratings. We also know what agents and landlords are looking for. On our FAQ page, you can find the checklist that we use. If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service to clean your rental home, we would be happy to provide you with a quote without obligation.