It should not surprise anyone that kitchens can be expensive. Kitchens can be costly when new and can also be very expensive when renovated. The best thing about kitchens is the fact that you can save money even if you spend a lot.

“It’s all about balance for me,” says Orlando Soria, host and presenter of Build Me Up on Discovery+. If you have a unique piece of art or a beautiful countertop, it’s possible to get away with a cheap backsplash tile. It can be difficult to figure out when to save your pennies and where you should invest the money on kitchen renovation in vaughan. Although the bottom line may vary for each kitchen, countertops, backsplashes and cabinetry can have a significant impact on overall costs. Four experienced designers, Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs, Soria and Leigh Lincoln from Pure Salt Interiors, share their tips on strategizing. You won’t be surprised if your kitchen appears more expensive once you are able to find savings on these four high-ticket items.

Choose Engineered Stone Counters or Butcher Block Counters

Consider durability and cost when choosing a countertop. This will help you choose the countertop that is right for your cooking needs. Sometimes less durable materials can actually be more expensive. Lincoln states that marble is more durable than quartzite or granite, but it’s also more expensive. “Depending on your budget, you can choose between natural and manufactured stone. Myers points out that engineered stones can look as good as natural stones, but are cheaper and more durable. She advises to think outside of the box. “You might consider terrazzo slabs.” To be able to keep up with changing trends, stone countertops should be chosen in neutral colors.

Butcher block is an alternative option for those who don’t want to be chefs or need the same durability as stone. Soria states that although it is more expensive than stone or quartz, the cost of fabrication is much lower. Fabricating countertops can be a complicated business. Because it requires precision, the labor cost of installing countertops is very low. Butcher block will need to be replaced more frequently. A butcher block counter with wear and tear over time could be the best option if you love the patina look.

Be creative with your backsplash

Soria states that a subway tile is the most economical option. However, you shouldn’t disregard the potential impact it may have by adding a new twist. Myers states that tile patterns are one of his favorite activities. You can do this with relatively inexpensive options like concrete and subway tiles. You might choose a longer subway tile in a vertical layout to feel more modern, especially if you are using a bolder colour. Or, you could opt for a herringbone pattern for a more upscale look.

Another option is to save money? Installing a backsplash is not as important. Morford advises that you keep the design simple to keep costs down. Keep the footprint small and only use tiles where it is necessary. If you aren’t afraid to clean the tiles more often, you can tile behind the sink or range. If you are really looking to cut costs, consider using decals. Myers states that vinyl decals can be applied to existing backsplash tiles to make them look newer and avoid the need for demolition.

Recycle your cabinetry

It’s simple to give your cabinetry a facelift. This is the most cost-effective way to make sure it’s in good shape. Soria suggests that you simply repaint it or re-lacquer them. Myers agrees and notes that local cabinet makers can make new doors for boxes that have been damaged. She says maple wood boxes are a good choice if you don’t want to reuse the existing ones. MDF boxes with thermo foil face are appealing, but they won’t withstand daily wear and tear. You will regret it in a few years and have to be renovated again. Trust me on this one.

Open shelving can be used to save money and make a completely new layout. Myers states that open shelving is a good option if you have enough space to fill. It won’t impact your budget much. These details will enhance the overall look and give you the feeling that you want.

Ask about Discounted Appliances or Update the Ones you Already Have

Soria states that it is possible to make cheaper flooring and countertops look more luxurious, but you shouldn’t skimp on appliances as this will quickly age your kitchen. It might be necessary to maintain older appliances, and Soria has done so in the past. However, this usually works only for items that aren’t too old and still work well. You might consider covering the appliances with vinyl to give them a fresh look or using wood panels to match the cabinetry.

Lincoln states that they should be an investment that will last you for many years. However, Lincoln also says that you don’t have to spend a lot if they do not enhance your lifestyle.

Myers suggests asking her clients a question to help them choose the best ones. Myers asks, “Are your passions cooking or are you looking for the brand name to resell?” She asks. If neither of these describes you, mid-range American brands will do well. Myers can help you if you have a particular range or refrigerator in your mind and it might be too costly to get a new one. You can also ask your appliance sales representative about floor models and discontinued models that they are looking to sell.